Hello All, I am sorry about disappearing into thin air. I will be posting another post within the next couple of days. I have missed all of you so very much. Advertisements

From a young age, I should have known that I would end up with a constant need for instant gratification and an undying want for constant change. As I get older, these characteristics are becoming more prominent in my life. When I was little, I would always have half-finished projects strewn all about the house. […]

A certain friend always, without fail, walks up to me, full of smiles, and asks, “Barbara! Where is your boyfriend?” And as he always asks me the same question, I always respond with the same answer: I don’t have one. Even though he constantly asks this, he is always surprised with my response. Like always, […]

It is the ruler of your life. It controls your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. It pumps blood throughout your veins. It is the controller of your mortality. One could say that your heart is the dictator of both your body and your soul. Your heart is one of many vital organs, yet it surpasses all […]